4 Fall Crafts For Kids

Kids making crafts with fall leaves
Kids love crafts, and parents love keeping kids busy. These two universal truths make a goldmine out of easy craft ideas that your kids will love. Whether you're putting them to work painting googly-eyed paper jack-o'-lanterns or making a sweet treat into an adorable monster, these ideas from Country Living... [read more]

Easy Organization Hacks To Try

Tin can holding colored pencils on a table outdoors
Life runs more smoothly in an organized, well-ordered home. But if you're thinking you have to invest in dedicated shelving units and bins in order to corral your clutter, think again! There are plenty of simple hacks that can help you contain the mess and lower your stress at the... [read more]

Nissan Tech To Keep You Safe

Young woman driver checking rearview mirror before backing out of a parking space
These days, road safety is more important than ever. With distracted drivers focusing more on their phones than the road ahead and everyone seemingly rushing to get to their destination, risky road behaviors have become commonplace. But automakers are responding in a big way, doing their part to keep you,... [read more]

Catch A Flick At Suds N Cinema

Vintage old fashioned projector in a dark room projecting a film, cinematography concept
If you're looking for a fun way to spend a socially-distanced evening on the town, Suds n Cinema has reopened and is ready to welcome you back for a night of good food and a good movie. Let's dive in and see everything that Suds n Cinema has to offer! History... [read more]

Your Family Will Love This Breakfast Spread

Maple syrup pouring onto pancakes.
They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and there’s no reason it can’t be the most fun, too. Treat your family to this festive pancake bar to start their day right! Perfecting the Pancake As the star of the show, the pancakes should pack plenty of flavor... [read more]

Get A Taste Of Fall With Pumpkin Cheesecake

A slice of Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie with homemade whipped cream, almonds and pumpkin spice. Extreme shallow depth of field.
Is there anything more dreamy than taking that first bite of creamy, rich cheesecake? Yes - pumpkin cheesecake. This quintessential fall dessert combines the flavors of pumpkin pie with the tang and creamy texture of cheesecake into one absolutely scrumptious dessert. If you've never made cheesecake at home, why not... [read more]

Come Take A Test Drive, Just For Kicks

Exterior of a 2020 Nissan Kicks in black
If your search for a fun and sporty subcompact SUV has led you to take a closer look at the Nissan Kicks, then you're definitely on the right track! This vehicle has all the style and panache of an SUV, plus features galore and a price that's hard to resist!... [read more]

Tired Of Staying Inside? Take A Hike!

Group of hikers walking in the forest
Are you tired of being stuck inside all day long? Get outside and take a hike at one of Fort Walton Beach’s gorgeous hiking trails! There’s nothing better than being outside at the beach and Fort Walton Beach is the perfect location for scenic hiking. Check out our top three... [read more]

Try Something New At Healthy Coast Meals

Grilled Chicken with a side salad
There's a lot going on this time of year, and that's not even including adjusting to a new normal way of life! With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and back to school activities, it can be hard to remember to take time to relax and take care... [read more]

Add The Freshest Produce To Your Meals

Woman washing broccoli in the kitchen sink
This time of year summer is out the door and fall is waiting just around the corner! It can be a weird time for produce, but nevertheless August brings a few solid foods that are freshest during the late summertime. Here's just a few fresh items to incorporate into your... [read more]